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Cavalry's default Workspace consists of various Windows but it's possible to set up and save custom Window layouts for context specific tasks. This can be useful when switching focus between drawing/ rigging/ animating/ etc. in order to only display the UI elements required for each specific task.

Cavalry's default Workspace

Saving a Workspace

To save a Workspace:

  1. Arrange the various Windows in a layout of your preference.
  2. Window > Save Workspace...
  3. Give the Workspace a name and save.

The Workspace just saved will now appear under Window > Workspaces > <yourSavedWorkspace>

Organise Workspaces

Workspaces can be organised by saving them into folders/ directories. Each folder will appear as a 'category' when loading a Workspace. For example, /Workspaces/Animation/Character.json will appear as Workspaces > Animation > Character in the menu.

Loading a Workspace

To load a Workspace:

  1. Window > Workspaces > Choose a saved Workspace.

The Windows will rearrange based on the Workspace selected.

Updating a Workspace

Workspaces do not autosave – think of them more as a 'preset'. If you need to update an existing Workspace simply follow the steps to save a workspace and overwrite the existing workspace with the same name.


Workspaces are saved in:

  • macOS - ~/Library/Preferences/Cavalry/Workspaces/
  • Windows - C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Cavalry\Workspaces\

On exiting Cavalry, the current layout will be saved and used the next time Cavalry is launched. This is the Active Workspace and is saved in:

  • macOS - ~/Library/Preferences/Cavalry/workspace.json
  • Windows - C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Cavalry\workspace.json

AppData and ~/Library are hidden folders. To find them:

  • Windows - Check 'Hidden Items' in the View options for Explorer.
  • macOS - In Finder, Library will appear if you hold Option/Alt when opening the Go menu.
macOS Ventura

Due to a known bug in macOS Ventura that affects dragging windows, the preview normally shown when repositioning a window has been temporarily disabled. This is a purely a visual issue so does not affect functionality. We have made Apple aware of the issue and hope to have it resolved soon.