This window appears under the Cavalry menu on macOS.

Show Beta Features - when checked, experimental features under the 'beta' flag will be available.

Play Audio [Beta feature] - when unchecked all audio will be muted.

Remember Graph Editor Curve Framing - when enabled the Graph Editor will remember the framing/ zoom level of an animation curve from the last time you were working with it.


  • Off - do not auto save

  • Reminders - show reminders in the notifications bar.

  • Autosave - save the file based on the Autosave Interval.

Autosave Interval - set a time in minutes to autosave.

Autosave Folders - separate autosave files into daily directories:

  • Weekday-Day-Month-Year - e.g. Thu-26-03-2020

  • Weekday-Month-Day-Year - e.g.Thu-03-26-2020

Be aware there is no 'max autosaves' feature yet.

If you have a project set then any auto saves will be saved in the directory set in the Project Settings. If no project is set, then files will be saved into an autosave directory in the same location as your scene file.

All new Compositions are Transparent - any new Compositions created will have their Background Alpha set to 0 by default.

Add new Elements to selected Tags - if a Tag or Tags is/are selected, any new Elements created will be added to it/them on creation.

UI Font Size -

  • Default - set the default font size.

  • Large - set the large font size.

Default Gamma - select the default gamma for new Compositions.

Show Viewport Timecode - show/hide a timecode in the Viewport.

  • Never - never show the timecode in the Viewport.

  • During Playback - only show the timecode in the Viewport during playback.

  • Always - always show the timecode in the Viewport.

Default Renderer - set the default renderer for the Viewport.