Keyframe Layers

Blend animation curves.

Keyframe Layers allow you to blend between keyframes/ animation curves.


Active - enable/disable the layer.

Strength - determine the strength of the layer.

Mode -

  • Normal - keyframes on the layer are

  • Overwrite -

To load the Strength animation curve into the Graph Editor, open the Keyframe Layer Editor and select the layer you want to adjust.


As the Keyframe Layer's Strength increases

Example usage:

  1. Open (Example Files below).

  2. At the bottom of the Scene Window click the Keyframe Layer Editor button

  3. Click the + button in the bottom right of the window to create a new Keyframe Layer.

  4. Double click the new layer in the Keyframe Layer Editor to switch to it.

  5. Set keys on armUpper.rotation of:

    1. fr0 = -50

    2. fr20 = 50

    3. fr40 = -50

  6. Move the timeline to frame 100.

  7. Open the Keyframe Layer Editor and select the new layer (called Keyframe Layer 1 by default).

  8. On the Strength control change the value to 0 and set a key.

  9. Move the timeline to frame 150.

  10. Back on the Keyframe Layer Editor set Strength to a value of 100.

  11. Press play.

The arm's swing height should increase over frames 100 to 150.