Shelf buttons are shortcuts to commands and set up quick actions to speed up common workflows.


Select a Shape or Shapes and then click the Duplicator icon. This will create a Duplicator and automatically add your Shape(s) as Input Shapes.

Hold down alt/option when you click the icon to automatically hide your selected Shapes as part of the quick action.

Rig Control

Add a Rig Control to the Composition.

Animation Control

Add an Animation Control to the Composition.


Add an Align Behaviour to the Composition and connect it to the Deformers of any selected Shapes.

Cel Animation

Clicking this Shelf item will create a Cel Animation Shape and enable the Pencil tool (unless you already have the Pen tool active).

Rubber Hose

Clicking this Shelf item will create a default Rubber Hose Limb (the same command as Animation > Create Rubber Hose Limb). If you have a Shape selected the Rubber Hose will be connected to the Deformers attribute.