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Shelf buttons are shortcuts to commands and set up quick actions to speed up common workflows.


Select a Shape or Shapes and then click the Duplicator icon. This will create a Duplicator and automatically add your Shape(s) as Input Shapes.


Add an Align Behaviour to the Composition and connect it to the Deformers attribute of any selected Shapes.

Rig Control#

Add a Rig Control to the Composition.

Animation Control#

Add an Animation Control to the Composition.

Rubber Hose#

Clicking this Shelf item will create a default Rubber Hose Limb (the same command as Animation > Create Rubber Hose Limb). If you have a Shape selected the Rubber Hose will be connected to the Deformers attribute.

Cel Animation#

Clicking this Shelf item will create a Cel Animation Shape and enable the Pencil tool (unless you already have the Pen tool active).