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Rulers and Guides can be used to align artwork precisely.


Rulers appear at the top and left hand side of the Viewport and allow you to measure the pixel values of your Composition as well as displaying the position of your cursor.

To show/ hide the rulers choose View → Show Rulers or use the use the shortcut Option/Alt + R.


Guides are horizontal and vertical lines that you can place in the Viewport and use to position Shapes.

To create a Guide simply hover your cursor over a Ruler and click + drag into the Viewport. As you drag, a thin red line will appear along with a number indicating its X or Y position. Release the mouse to place the Guide.

To remove Guides just click + drag them back over a Ruler.

Use the View → Show Guides menu option or Cmd/Ctrl + ; to show/ hide Guides.

You can snap to Guides by enabling Ruler Guide Snapping in the Viewport Snapping options.