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Checkerboard Shader


Add a checkerboard pattern to a Shape.


Common Attributes +

Size - Set the size of a single tile.

Offset - Offset the checkerboard's position.

Rotation - Set an angle for the tiles.

Filter - These settings can improve image quality in both the Viewport and for renders – particularly when resizing images.

  • None (Fastest) - No resampling will be performed when the images are resized – this is the lowest quality setting.
  • Bilinear - Basic resampling is performed. This is low quality but it's very fast.
  • Mipmaps - Mipmaps are pre-calculated, optimised, low resolution versions of the image created via Bilinear interpolation. These are used to get the best quality and performance when scaling images down.
  • Bicubic - This is the slowest method but it produces the best quality when scaling images up.

Use the Gradient Map Filter to re-map the black and white tiles to other colors.