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Chromatic Aberration Filter


Chromatic aberration is a real world phenomenon in which light rays passing through a lens focus at different points depending on their wavelength. The result is a separation of colours at the edges of an image.

Photo by Honza Reznik on Unsplash


Strength - Increase/ decrease the strength of the effect.

Lens Type - Select the lens:

  • Concave - Use a concave lens.
  • Fisheye/ Barrel Distortion - Use a fisheye lens.

Padding - Increase/ decrease the bounds of the original image.

Alignment X - Set the x position for the centre of the lens.

Alignment Y - Set the y position for the centre of the lens.

Scale - Increase/ decrease the scale of the effect.

Repetitions - Set the number of times the effect of the Filter is processed.

Repetition Distance - Set the distance between the first and last of the repetitions.

Rotation - Rotate each repetition.

Distortion Radius - Set a radius to determine where the simulated lens distortion occurs.