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Vignette Filter


Simulate the light falloff characteristic when viewing images through certain types of lenses.

Photo by Tom Depont on Unsplash


Common Attributes +

Offset - Offset the position of the Vignette from the centre of the Shape.

Scale - Increase/decrease the size of the Vignette.

Rotation - Rotate the Vignette around the centre of the Shape.

Exposure - Increase/decrease the exposure of the image where the Vignette covers it.

Feather - Increase/decrease how soft the edge of the Vignette is.

Vignette Shape - Select a Shape for the Vignette:

  • Circle - A circular shape. Note that the Vignette is stretched to fit the aspect ratio of the Shape.
  • Shape - A polygon with an arbitrary number of Sides.

Sides - When the Vignette Shape is set to Shape, determine how many sides the polygon has.

Color - Set the color for the Vignette.