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Common Attributes (Filters)


The following attributes are used on several Filters.


Blend Mode - Set the blend mode for the Filter. Note that, where multiple Filters are connected to a Shape, this blend mode affects how Filters blend with each other and not how Shapes blend with other Shapes in the Viewport — use the Blend Mode under a Shape's Shape tab to affect that.

Opacity - Reduce/increase the effect of the Filter.

Sample/Greyscale/Sort Mode - Determine how the Shader is sampled:

  • Luma (Gamma Corrected) - Sample the gamma corrected average brightness values.
  • Average - Sample the average brightness values. This is a fast calculation.
  • Saturation - Sample the saturation values.
  • Value - Use the brightest of the R, G or B values and apply its value to the lower two. For example, if the red channel has a value of 0.8 and that value is higher than the blue and green channels, then set the blue and green to 0.8 too.
  • Red Channel - Sample the values held in the red channel.
  • Blue Channel - Sample the values held in the blue channel.
  • Green Channel - Sample the values held in the green channel.