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Scan Lines Filter

Pro Feature

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The Scan Lines Filter can be used to mimic the effect of a CRT monitor.

Photo by Raphael Lopes on Unsplash


Use Scan Lines Resolution - When checked, the image is sampled along the centre of each scan line and the result used to set each scan line's colour across its height.

Line Count - Set the total number of scan lines to divide the shape into.

Line Width - Set the width of each scan line as a percentage.

Line Feather - Feather or blur each scan line by setting a percentage of the gap between scan line.

Line Opacity - Set the opacity of the scan line.

Line Color - Set the color for the scan lines.

Line Rotation - Set a rotation value for the scan lines.

Interlace Frame Interval - Set how many frames each interlace step

Brightness Boost - Increase the brightness of the resulting image.