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Pixelate Filter


Redraw a Layer using squares/ triangles of uniform color.

Photo by Eugene Golovesov on Unsplash


Pixel Size - Set the size of a pixel. Think of a pixel as a square rather than an actual pixel!

Pixel Shape - Select the Shape for the resulting pixels:

  • Normal - Create square pixels.
  • Triangle - Split each square pixel into two triangles.
  • Squared Triangle - Split each square pixel into two triangle and arrange them so that 4 triangles create squares on a 45˚ angle.
  • Hexagon Triangle - Create a hexagonal pattern.

Invert Leading Diagonal - Reverse the direction of the triangles when Pixel Shape is set to Triangle.

Pixel Scale - Set the scale of each pixel to create a border between them.

Border Color - Set the color of the space that appears between pixels as the Pixel Scale is reduced.