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Edge Detection Filter


Convert the boundaries of colors within images to lines.

Photo by Dong Cheng on Unsplash


Common Attributes +

Line Color - Set the color for the resulting lines.

Sample Spacing - Set the width used to detect the edges.

Background Color - Set the color for the resulting background.

Detection Algorithm - Select the edge detection method:

  • Sobel - Samples the image for edges and creates lines based on the intensity of each edge. Sobel is a more approximate algorithm so is faster to compute.
  • Canny - Iterates on the Sobel algorithm and can be used to create a cleaner, more uniform result.

Greyscale Mode - Determine how the image is sampled. See Common Attributes.

Threshold - Remove the weaker edges found by the Filter.

De-noise Level - Blur the image to smooth out detail.

Step Lines - When checked, the smooth/soft default result for edges in removed.