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Custom Shape


The Custom Shape is a Shape that inherits the properties of another Shape. It can be used to create 'instances' of other meshes.


Common Attributes +

Bake Transform - When checked, the Input Shape's transform will be applied to the Custom Shape's output meaning that if the Input Shape is e.g. scaled, the Custom Shape will output accordingly. This can also be used as a method to retain Stroke Width when scaling.

Input Shape - Connect a Shape to be instanced.

  1. Draw an Editable Shape with the Pen tool.
  2. Create a Custom Shape.
  3. Connect editableShape.idcustomShape.inputShape.
  4. Set the Custom Shape's Scale X to -1
  5. With the Edit Shape tool, move the points on the Editable Shape.

The Custom Shape is now a mirror of the Editable Shape.