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1.5.6 Release Notes

Release date: 10th May 2023

1.5 Release Notes

New Features


Collisions are now supported for the Ray Shape when used within a Duplicator.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • A long standing macOS bug where a single undo could undo multiple steps has now finally been reproduced and, we hope, confined to the annals of history. This has been a very illusive issue but we believe it related to right clicking in the Time Editor and then, without closing the context menu, left clicking in the Viewport – this corrupted the undo queue. It's possible we haven't found every instance of this issue yet so please let us know if it ever rears its ugly head again.
  • Fixed a crash caused when deleting a Forge Dynamics Shape created via the Shelf.
  • The Replace Fill/Stroke checkboxes were broken on the Sub-Mesh Behaviour.
  • The new Swap Fill/Stroke command was not working for Editable Shapes.
  • SVG code copied from websites (like now render correctly when pasted into Cavalry.