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Pinch and pull Shapes within a Falloff by moving a Null.


Common Attributes +

Active - Enable/ disable the Deformer. This is useful when initially placing the Falloffs for Bind Area and Pinch Point.

Bind Area - The area where the Pinch is active. By default, when you create a Pinch Deformer a Falloff called Pinch Binder is added and connected to this attribute. Any shape points falling within this Falloff will be affected with any outside being ignored.

Pinch Point - By default, a Null called Pinch Mover is created and connected to this attribute when creating a Pinch Deformer. This Null can then be repositioned to 'pinch' the Shape it is deforming.

  1. Create an Ellipse
  2. Set Radius to W = 300, H = 300.
  3. Uncheck Bézier.
  4. Using the + icon on the Deformer attribute, select Pinch from the list.
  5. Move the Pinch Binder Falloff so its centre is over the edge of the Ellipse.
  6. Move the Pinch Mover Null.

The part of the Ellipse within the Falloff is deformed. Try increasing the size of the Pinch Binder Falloff or adjusting its Falloff Graph.